Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY Pullup Bar

Since we bought a house a few months ago weekends have been about various DIY projects. A neighbor and fellow church member helped me clear out a sturdy wooden wheelchair ramp that was taking up a lot of the garage space, which cleared room for me to convert part of our garage into a gym. The disadvantage had been that there was no mounted pull-up bar in the garage (I mounted a Perfect Pull-Up bar inside the house).

I used the supplies and instructions from this website to construct the pull-up bar you see below, made from plumbing supplies you can get at Lowes and a 2x6 left over from the wheelchair ramp. This version allows you to grip the bar in multiple ways (there are two other hand grips that will also go into the base of this one, but I've left them off for now).

I recommend his set up, but I found getting all of the components to be rather expensive relative to the basic pull-up bar also found on that website. The 3/4" iron crosses had to be special ordered as Lowes, Home Depot, and no local plumbing supply place carried that size. I later added tennis racket grip tape to make it easier on the hands; take my advice and wear rubber-palmed gloves while assembling the bar.

The biggest issue I had, however, were the lack of studs going the direction I needed. I have studs going horizontally across my garage which gave me only about 1.5" to play with. I found it quite the challenge to mount this thing over my head. I recommend a vise (which I did not have) to help you tighten all the connections in the pipes.The bar ended up being a little higher than is ideal, but this at least makes me less likely to cheat; I have to go all the way up and down.

So far, so good, it's been a sturdy bar to work out on in the mornings. The same weekend I built it, I added this and a bunch of weights to my collection of from a neighbor's garage sale for $25.

Now I need to figure out how to make some weight racks for my disc weights and dumb bells. I also plan to install a holder for hanging resistance bands from the ceiling and my ultimate project is to create something that I can dangle a climbing rope from.

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