Friday, August 01, 2014

Housekeeping note: Podcasts added

Hopefully on the right hand side of the blog you can now see links to all of the sermons and podcasts that I listen to between audio books. (Your state's library probably has a site similar to Kentucky's where you can download a ton of free ebooks, videos, and audio books with your standard library card.) These activities fill my morning commute and walks through my massive office building, but almost never at my desk while I'm working.

iTunes and most mp3 players/apps give you the option to speed up to 2x or greater-- you can think much faster than the average person talks or preaches. So, a 48 minute sermon only takes 24 minutes to listen to. A 30 hour book is only 15 hours, etc. Podcasts and sermons are ordered generally in the importance to which I give them.

You will notice that my sermon list is diverse, just like my reading list. Does Joel Osteen have anything worth listening to? Certainly, he uses Scripture more frequently and more unapologetically than Andy Stanley does. He's also watched and read by hundreds of thousands, so it's good to know what he's saying. He's good for a pep talk, whereas Mark Dever and Calvary Chapel are good for Bible teaching. Bethel church is good for thought-provoking statements on prayer, prophecy, and healing. The local churches are also somewhat diverse and help give a sense of how other churches view the local community, and what's going on in their spheres.People I went to college with are now pastoring and preaching in these places, so it allows me to keep up with them somewhat.

The "others" tend to be fairly short, with the exception of EconTalk. John Piper's daily podcast is 6 minutes, for example.

Not comprehensive lists, but good enough.

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