Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nine years of marriage

Yesterday Joni and I celebrated our ninth anniversary. "Four of the best years of our lives," as the old joke goes. We ate lunch (on my parents, thanks) at Sage Garden Cafe in Frankfort, which is one of the best restaurants in all of Central KY. That was a good time.

I'm thankful for Joni for many reasons, but most recently for how supportive she has been of my endeavors. When I come home from yard sales or Big Lots with exciting finds, she indulges me. When I wanted to convert half the garage into my workout area, she obliged and even helped me complete a major physically-taxing project there last weekend. Every week she makes homemade protein fiber bars that get me through morning workouts and late afternoons at work. She sets up the coffee maker the night before so I am motivated to get up and at it. She listens to my concerns and generally hears me out. I have posted several books on this blog which have been helpful to us in communicating, we try go go through a couple together every year, although we are imperfect at executing all we intend. She agreed to come along when I wanted to teach preschoolers at church. She handles the financial record-keeping and I'm able to trust her in finding the best deals on things.

A lot I could say. I'm thankful for my bride of nine years. Here's to you, babe!

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