Friday, August 15, 2014

Sermon of the Week (8/10 - 8/16): Andy Stanley on Accountability and Small Groups

Stanley is encouraging his congregation, particularly the men, to be involved in a small group. Autonomy and independence is a myth, and not what is intended for Christians according to the New Testament. Stanley actually uses an Old Testament example of David & Bathsheba to show consequences of trying to isolate ourselves from our community and accountability, as David did by not going to war with his men. "We need the forced, sometimes uncomfortable, structured relationships that groups provide."

Stanley remarks that North Point spends more money on small groups than any other ministry in the church. I find that interesting, and wonder how that could be true. I also wonder what percentage of their membership actively participate in small groups. You can see their method for plugging people into a Community Group on their website. My church just adopted a strategy to create intentional small groups, and I thought this was a good motivational message towards that end.

Sermon is available on iTunes.

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