Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Sermon of the Week (8/24 - 8/30, 2014)

A belated post, this should have gone up last week. Rick Dunn Church Imagined 8/17 (on iTunes).
Fellowship finished their series on Ephesians and as an interlude Rick Dunn is preaching on developing a vision for the church's future. What do they want to accomplish and look like? He made some good comments about paradigms.

Christians may have rooted for Tim Tebow in the NFL because they thought he'd have a bigger platform to influence America for Christ than he would without the job-- but that is dictating to God what and how he can and should do things. God's paradigm is "upside down" from ours. God uses the small and weak to humble the big and strong. Megachurches are growing rapidly, and are easily made, but aren't visibly changing America for Jesus. Dunn quotes from this great blog post: How to Start a Megachurch in Seven Steps. Fellowship ironically falls under the "megachurch" description in the post, and does a good job of several of the steps. But Dunn notes that he'd rather be small with the Gospel at the core than larger.

Grace is what frees us to live without worrying about earning others' love and attention. Grace allows us to do work for His glory, whether we are an accountant or a homemaker. Work in such a way that you worship, and from your worship and praise the overflow will bless others. Others should look at how we live our lives and say "their daddy loves them."

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