Friday, September 12, 2014

Sermon of the Week (9/7 - 9/13, 2014) Tom Hindman on Psalm 56:1-4

I like Calvary Chapel Modesto's sermons because they are expository and are done mostly with a spirit of teaching and an attitude of encouragement. This sermon (from July) was by an assistant pastor and is titled "Faulty Fear." You can download it here (direct link) or on iTunes. Hindman does a good job explaining that while we trust in God and pray for His direction and intervention, we are still morally responsible to do the right things. For example, it's fine to pray for health but you're responsible to maintain good habits of diet and exercise. Hindman recalls the fiery furnace of Daniel in v. 4 and also has some good C.S. Lewis quotes. I enjoyed it, hope you do as well.

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