Friday, October 24, 2014

Sermon of the Week (10/19 - 10/25, 2014) Robert Glenn Smith - Regeneration Church on Deuteronomy 5:17

Regeneration is a relatively new church in Georgetown that has raised the bar of marketing, taking out space on a digital billboard, making a good website, and the only local church I'm aware of with an iPhone/Android app. The pastor is local, but trying to do something differently. I'm not a big fan of the sermon style, and if you're not from Kentucky you will be bothered by the accent. (Okay, I'm from Kentucky and I'm bothered.) They recently completed a series on relationships and are now looking at some of the Ten Commandments that deal with relationships. This sermon is title "Relationally Speaking about Life." The point of this message that has stuck with me all week is that in the Bible,
"The unity of the community always trumps the prosperity of the individual."

This is why God commanded that rebellious children be stoned to death, and there were Jubilee laws. This is why James blasts the prosperous for not sharing with their brethren, and why the wealthy Corinthians were dying from gorging on the Lord's Supper before the poorer had a chance to partake, and why Paul admonished us to consider others better than ourselves. Jesus prayed for unity in the garden, of all the things.

If the accent bothers you, just pretend he sounds like someone else you listen to. That's a good mental exercise I do with everyone I listen to; it helps remove any biases I have over how a person sounds.

I've posted a link for Regeneration on the right hand side.

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