Thursday, December 04, 2014

Blog Post #1500

According to Blogger, this is my 1500th post. That's pretty amazing, and I'm thankful. This website tells me that there have been 3,466 days since the date of my first post, June 28, 2005. That means I have posted something like every 2.3 days. That includes roughly a year I took from blogging while living in other countries and posting on other blogs. It's fitting that my first post had a (one-sentence) book review; they have obviously evolved since then.

For my 1500th post, I'd like to point out some additional podcasts I've added to the side bar on the right. William Lane Craig is probably the most prominent apologist and Christian philosopher in America, and I have found his writings and podcasts helpful in thinking through some of the New Atheist and cosmology/physics book I've read this year.

My wife and I have also been following Serial, which is the #1 downloaded podcast in America right now. I'm not sure what makes it so gripping that it has spun off podcasts devoted purely to the podcast.

I have added Regeneration Church and The Point Community Church to local sermons. The Point is an Acts 29 plant that is interesting, I expect they'll branch to Georgetown before long.

I've also added Turkish Football Weekly, a show produced by Americans who (for some reason) love Turkish football. I enjoy this as I've adopted Galatasaray as my Turkish team.

There are some others I've added as well. Enjoy them all. 

Thanks for stopping by all these times. You stay classy, internet.

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