Friday, December 19, 2014

Sermon of the Week (12/14 - 12/19, 2014) Mark Dever on Luke 1:1-4, Luke 1:5-2:40

Sermon of the Week is the weekly series where I highlight a sermon (from the selection of preachers on the right) that I believe best explained a passage or had the biggest impact on my week.

I'm sticking with the Advent theme this week. Dever does a passionate job of explaining these passages in these two sermons; he gives a brief apologetic for the Lukan account as well. The first ("Jesus in the Bible") is really an overview of Luke, the second ("Jesus in the Manger") is focusing on the birth narrative and the faith (and lack thereof) of Zechariah. (Given his effort at apologetics, I'm a little disappointed he didn't focus on the historically problematic aspects of Ceasar's/Quirinius' census, this is one of the harder passages to square historically.) They are really good Christmas sermons. Enjoy.

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