Friday, January 16, 2015

Sermon of the Week (1/11 - 1/17, 2014) John Piper on The Gospel of the Grace of God

This sermon was the ordination service of someone apparently going to plant a church in East St. Louis. You can read it, stream it, or download it here. What I enjoyed most were the comments on Galatians, perhaps my favorite epistle (outside Romans):

Whole law. Or no law, but only Christ. Works or grace. At the bottom of our justification is total grace — grace alone. Not one millisecond of human effort can be added to the ground of our justification. We are justified by grace in Christ. (emphasis mine)

As our churches become ever-polarized and focused separation from one another over various issues, these comments came as a reminder to me that right doctrine does not make you or me righteous. Not eating or drinking while someone else does has no consequences for your righteousness. Biblical theology and expositional sermons do not make you righteous. You did not become righteous by your own works, nor can you stay righteous (or more righteous than the person you're looking at) by your works. Christ alone.

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