Friday, February 27, 2015

Sermon of the Week (2/22 - 2/28, 2015) Tim Keller on Matthew 6 "Adoration: Hallowed be Thy Name"

"Adoration: Hallowed be Thy Name" on iTunes.
There is not another word in English that has quite the same meaning as "hallowed," even though the word is not frequently used anymore (same as imputed, propitiation, etc.). The ESV and other modern literal translations keep the "hallowed" for that reason. Keller notes that our prayers reflect what we most value. If you hallow anything more than God then you will only pray when that thing is at stake. If the only time you pray is when a family member is ill or in crisis, for example, then it says what you really think about God compared to your family.

When I was young someone taught me the acronym ACTS -- Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication-- as a map for prayer. Keller teaches us that if we get the adoration part right, we'll have much peace and joy when it comes to the supplication.

Great sermon, enjoy.

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