Friday, April 10, 2015

Sermon of the Week (4/5 - 4/11, 2015) Brett Butler on Hosea 4-6 "What Have We Done with the Knowledge of God?"

I felt it obligatory to post an Easter/Resurrection Day/Paschal (only I use that word) sermon. I've enjoyed listening to the Resurrection Day sermons of most the churches linked on the right and there were several I'd recommend to everyone.

But in catching up on local churches, I listened to one delivered by Brett Butler on March 29 at Great Crossing Baptist. Butler is a Harvard MBA former Lexmark executive who just sold his house in Kentucky to move to San Francisco with his wife to be church planters for NAMB. He gives an overview of Hosea, focusing on chapters 4-6.  He is basically focusing on world view, he's been discipling a San Franciscan with no prior Bible knowledge and remarks that people out there have pluralistic worldviews we can't fully appreciate in the Bible belt. He claims this was his first official sermon as an ordained minister, it's not bad.

It's worth listening to for the story of his conversation with a Hindu obstetrician about abortion. May God one day give me that same ability to think critically in the first conversation I have with someone.

(If you really want Easter, Pastor Rick's sermon on overcoming resurrection doubts is also good. An Easter sermon with a particularly clear elucidation of the Gospel was by Nathan Millican at Oak Park Baptist.)


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