Friday, May 01, 2015

Podcast of the Week (4/25 - 5/2, 2015) NPR's Planet Money on a Southern Baptist making matzo bread

Planet Money should be on everyone's podcast list, you can get a sampling of real-life examples of principles of economics and finance in a very short time period. Their April 3 episode was title "The Matzo Economy" and highlights an American mass-producer of Jewish matzo bread sold at Passover.
The business is owned by a Southern Baptist and is a great example of business as mission.

Jewish regulations about how matzo bread must be cooked make the U.S.'s labor and food safety laws look easy in comparison. The factory has five Jewish kosher experts inspecting the plant at all times. The episode also highlights the paradox of the adherance to strict regulations as a value proposition. Episode can be downloaded here. Enjoy!

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