Friday, May 08, 2015

Sermon of the Week (5/3 - 5/9, 2015) Sam Allberry on "The Trinity and Christian Prayer"

Sam Allberry was the guest preacher at The Village Church (Matt Chandler) on 4/12/2015. He preached a sermon on prayer that I got quite a bit from. He's an Anglican pastor from a city just west of London, England. You can read the transcript, watch it, or download the mp3 at the link.

"We're going to be thinking about prayer and specifically how understanding the fact that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit helps us to pray..."

This is the part that really convicted me:

"(T)hat is why we pray in the name of Jesus. It's not a magic formula, or it's not a secret password. No, we pray in the name of Jesus because it reminds us that we don't pray in our own name...pretty much every day of my life, I am tempted to do just that. So I need to remind myself I'm not coming on the basis of my own spiritual performance. I'm coming on the basis of what Christ has done, not of who I am in myself but of who I am in him. In fact, I need to know that every day, because I might have a day that is just awful as a Christian...I succumb to temptation. I give in to sin. I get home, and I kick the cat. I don't even have a cat. At the end of a day like that, I don't feel I can look God in the eye and pray to him. That's because I'm trying to come to God in my name."
"The flipside is true as well. I may have had a blinder of a day as a Christian. I woke up early, straight into the Word. I read a testament before breakfast, just kind of plowing my way through books of the Bible, loving it, lapping it up....At the end of that day, there is every bit of danger that I will try to come to God in my name and think, "Well, of course I can pray to God today. Man, he is going to love it when I knock on the door." Friends, we can never come in our own name. We come to the Father not by the sweat of our brow but by the blood of his Son. Because we do so, we can come. We pray through the Son and in that precious, sweet name of Jesus."

Read/listen/watch the whole thing.

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