Friday, June 12, 2015

Sermon of the Week (6/7 - 6/13, 2015) Matt Proctor on Romans 1-2

One conception of megachurches like Southland Christian in Lexington, KY is that they water down the message, otherwise why would so many people show up? As an example against that stereotype, I present the sermon from 5/3/2015 which could be titled "The Wrath of God." If you've never heard "the wrath of God" (Romans 1:18) used repeatedly in a megachurch sermon, here you go (iTunes or Vimeo). Matt Proctor preaches on Romans 1-2 (the church has been walking through the NT book by book). Proctor is the President of Ozarks Christian College in Joplin, MO. He makes good comments about self-serving bias and the importance of truth. The summary gets it:

"Guest speaker Matt Proctor teaches on the book of Romans, which begins by highlighting the consequence of mankind’s refusal to worship God. In Chapter 1 Paul highlights all the moral wickedness and depravity that comes in the wake of Gentile idolatry. In Chapter 2 Paul reminds the Jews that just because they have the law they are no better because they too commit sin, just in a different way. Apart from God’s grace, mankind is enslaved to sin and unable to experience true righteousness. Paul specifically highlights the way in which sin damages us. No one ever gets the best of sin, sin always gets the best of us. Sin always uses us and tarnishes the beauty of God’s image in us. Luckily, as we see later in Romans, we have not been left in our sin!"


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