Friday, June 05, 2015

Sermon(s) of the Week (5/31 - 6/6, 2015) Hershael York and Bill Henard on Prayer

Two local sermons this week, both on the same topic, both with a notable passion, and both on an area I struggle with.
Hershael York (Buck Run Baptist) begins a series on Elijah "A Man Just Like Us," beginning with James and looking at what James wrote about prayer.
Bill Henard (Porter Memorial Baptist) recently finished a series on "Victory over Sin" by looking at the life of Jesus. This sermon is on Matthew 14:22-33 and emphasizes the importance of daily prayer.

Note that York takes the passage to be about healing and not about restoring someone who has struggled under persecution (see the note on this passage in my review of the book The Most Misued Verses in the Bible where Berherhof argues this is still taking the verse out of context). Both Henard and York appear to take a non-cessasionist approach on what can be accomplished through prayer. Both sermons implore the congregation to take prayer increasingly seriously.

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