Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Trip to Kentucky Speedway for the Quaker State 400 (July 11, 2015)

My wonderful wife has a work connection that kindly got us some Sprint Cup tickets along with Cold Passes for the garage area before the race. So, we enjoyed being only feet away from our favorite crew chiefs and drivers. We love NASCAR but I find the actual in-race experience to be brutal, especially night races. It's much more fun and easier to follow all the action from your couch with commentary and Twitter handy (we had no data reception at the track). We left before the race ended to beat the traffic and avoid getting home after midnight. But visiting the garage area was definitely worth it, as was being able to witness pit stops from just behind the infield fence.

Here are some pictorial highlights:
They were working a lot on Jimmie's car and apparently it needed it as it broke early and was terrible. Still, they were revving it up here and it was awesome. 

We camped outside some of the trailers, Joni supporting Jeff Gordon. 

I'm stalking Jimmie's pit crew. I shouted encouragement to Chad Knaus as he walked past. 

Snap-on Tools was doing a demo and giveaway in the FanZone and we happened in just as Joey Logano got invited on stage. He answered several questions from the audience and was very knowledgeable about physics and explaining the special package they were running at Kentucky this year. He basically called how the race would turn out, minus the Kyle Busch victory. 

Me in front of the 48 pit box. Awesome. 

Dale Jr.'s car going to inspection. 

The eventual race winner. 

Carl Edwards' crew were all dressed as Minions. 

Clint Bowyer giving an interview and looking somewhat genuinely cheerful about it. 

Chad Knaus checking the weather. 

We stood where the drivers were all going by on their way to the track for introductions and got pictures of several, watching some get tackled by fans. Kyle Busch is in a golf cart with his wife. 

Our view of the night race before it got dark. 

Jimmie broke down early and often, this was a disappointing race for our drivers. 

Me with a stack of tires behind the garage. 

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