Friday, October 02, 2015

Podcast of the Week (9/26 - 10/3, 2015) Child Soldiers and ISIS and "Learned Helplessness"

I've been busy so didn't get around to posting one last week. Here are a couple who stand out over the last few weeks:
Middle East Week is a podcast covering what its name suggests. In this episode (9/1/2015) Dr. John Horland is interviewed on how ISIS recruits and utilizes child soldiers. This is the iTunes link.

Another offering is from You Are Not so Smart examining how we learn and unlearn how to be helpless. A professor describes a classroom experiment she designed where she tricks students into believing they can't perform a task. Experiments with dogs show that they can become discouraged not to try again. How do we overcome this cognitive bias? Here is an overview and you can link around to recent episodes covering the topic:


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