Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An Open Letter to @RepAndyBarr Congressman Andy Barr re: Refugee Resettlement

Dear Mr. Barr,
I am writing to register my protest of your vote to end resettlement of refugees from Syria and elsewhere. I formerly lived in Turkey and saw the plight of refugees waiting on resettlement in the US and elsewhere via the UN agencies on the ground. There are a good number of Christian missionaries working with these people, many of whom are indeed in their plight because they are too young (children) or infirm (elderly) to make the dangerous trek across the sea to Europe that the media has spotlighted. In the past week I received an email from some of those American workers who are quite appalled at the position the US has taken. I am writing you as much on their behalf as I am my own. I find your vote illogical for the following reasons:

1. Of the 859,629 refugees admitted to the US since 2001, only three have been arrested for plotting acts of terror (to be committed outside the US) and none were carried out.

2. 15,000 murders are committed by Americans each year, roughly 116 out of every 50,000 Americans are murderers. Of the many mass-shootings perpetrated in the US since 2001, I can think of none committed by refugees. Therefore, the refugee population is significantly less likely to murder than our own population.

3. You have often reminded us that our nation is at war. As such, we have asked our soldiers to sacrifice and take risks in going places we personally would not dare. Shouldn't we as Americans also be willing to make sacrifices? Is facing an orphan looking for resettlement with relatives in the US more of a sacrifice than what you would vote to authorize our soldiers to do?

4. ISIL and other extremists are using your vote as propaganda, reminding the Syrian people that they have repeatedly been betrayed by supposed allies in the West. Why aid the enemy?

I would be glad to see you recant and apologize for your vote. Please do so quickly, or you risk losing my vote. Thank you for your time, attention, and service.


Justin Tapp
For those of you who have found this post to your liking, one easy way you can donate to help refugee efforts in Turkey is through PayPal to a church in Ankara that is assisting the hundreds of Syrian refugees who are in the city. See details here.

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