Friday, November 27, 2015

Sermon of the Week (11/22 - 11/28, 2015) Francis Chan confesses sins, including plagiarism.

I'm surprised this sermon hasn't gotten more notice in the blogosphere.

This sermon is on John 15, connecting to the "true vine" and was "preached" by Chan at an Oxygen conference (iTunes). (Date is 10/26 on the Crazy Love podcast) I haven't listened to many Chan sermons but I've read Crazy Love and Together Forever. Chan obviously sets an example in devotion to Christ above all.
While this sermon for an intellectually-inclined audience contains his preface that he is no intellectual, along with self-deprecating seminary story, it quickly gets amazing as Francis Chan confesses sins of lying in order to protect his pride and self-consciousness about his lack of intellectual prowess. He tells a story about having someone else write a paper for him to present at a Together for the Gospel Conference after being invited to speak by D.A. Carson (Chan remarkably did not know who Carson was when he called). I imagine there were quite a few at this conference who noted Chan's inability to answer Mark Driscoll's question about the paper, and Chan left the conference early. Chan is imploring his audience to be the same honest.

Moreover, Chan confesses that he does not love Jesus as much as he once did, does not feel that passion as deeply. He discovers this while reading his past journal entries.

Not many pastors get up on stage and confess a sin, particularly something like plagiarism. There are some subtle critiques of the intellectual cult modern theologically-inclined Americans fall into (myself included). We get more puffed up about what we know than how much we love Jesus and obey His command to love and care for one another. Very humbling and surprising sermon.

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