Sunday, February 28, 2016

Podcast of the Week (2/21-2/27, 2016) "Tragedy Strikes Kevin Harris' Family" on Reasonable Faith

Reasonable Faith is a must-subscribe if you are interested in any way in apologetics or Christian philosophy. This week, Dr. William Lane Craig interviews the show's usual host--Kevin Harris-- about dealing with the recent loss of his teenage son in a motorcycle accident.

Read the transcript or listen here.

I've remarked before that there is a lack of a theology of mourning in Christian works. Why do we mourn the loss of a believing loved one, and how? Harris is very aware of how atheists use Christian mourning-- arguing that it means Christians don't really believe in a heavenly afterlife. He misses his son deeply, feels parental guilt for allowing the motorcycle, and deals with much in raw fashion. But he thoughtfully explains the hope that he has in Christ. He, like C.S. Lewis in A Grief Observed, also cautions Christians for saying inappropriate or unbiblical statements like "He's riding that great motorcycle in heaven." It is a very real interview and I highly recommend.

KEVIN HARRIS: We are going through that grieving process. You and I have done a podcast where someone asked, “If you guys as Christians believe that they are in a better place and that you will see them again and that Jesus defeated death, why are you so upset?” Because we miss them so badly![2] That was my boy, my son. We had a great relationship....

KEVIN HARRIS: So at times when I feel, when we are weeping and we are crying and going through the grief, we’ve never grieved without hope. Suddenly when it feels like the world is too bleak or this is just too hard to take (and it is the worst thing in the world – it is as bad as they say to lose a child), but suddenly this bubble (is all I can describe it as) of hope that kind of comes up from nowhere. Not in an artificial sense, not in a way of anesthetizing you, but suddenly a sense of hope kind of comes in and you feel encouraged...

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