Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Guilty as Sin by Edward Klein (Book Review #56 of 2016)

Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation

The previous book I reviewed was Hillary Clinton's It Takes a Village.

The last Edward Klein book I finished on Hillary was The Truth about Hillary back in 2007. Klein has now made a career cranking these books out. This one particularly focuses on why Comey and the FBI did not indict Hillary earlier in 2016. Klein always cites unnamed sources who are "close to Clinton" or "close to Valerie Jarrett" and who he interviewed "25 times" or "12 times" or whatever. In some cases, he gives clues about "friends of Hillary" that could only be boiled down to a handful of people. These well-meaning people are concerned enough about our country to leak quietly and anonymously to Edward Klein, apparently. There is enough hyperbole and insinuation that you have no idea what probability of truth to assign to any of Klein's statements. Anything he does not directly attribute to "a source" I consider to be completely false. For example, Klein's claim that President Obama doesn't really want to be on the Supreme Court because he enjoys being the rockstar in crowds with "swooning women" more than being an academic. Often, Klein's source is Klein's other books. Klein's stories of what happens behind closed doors are also too detailed to be true. He didn't see the arched eyebrow or slumped shoulders, but they're clear in his mind.

The author writes that President Obama initially supported the FBI investigation because he hates the Clintons and hoped his friend Joe Biden would get into the race instead. Valerie Jarrett has been the source of leaks about Hillary over the years, because she also despises her. Oddly, Klein has always maintained that Obama loves Joe Biden while Daniel Halper (Clinton, Inc.) claims the exact opposite. When Biden declined to run and no one viable challenged Hillary, Obama changed his tune but cannot legally sack James Comey. After AG Lynch began pressuring Comey to not indict, including after the uncomfortable visit by Bill Clinton on her airplane, Comey got his revenge with his press conference laying out all the laws Hillary did indeed violate before concluding he would not pursue indictment. Lynch angrily watched his conference on TV, thinking he was going to indict before he announced he wouldn't. Klein cites "sources close to Comey" that Comey believes he is the cowboy detective and Hillary Clinton is his John Dillinger. (Klein would probably say Comey's press release a week before the election was also revenge.)

Like many of the conspiracy theorists that write on the Clintons, Klein engages in various armchair psychiatry. Huma Abedin and Hillary may not be sexually involved, but they have a co-dependent relationship. Huma needs a figure like Hillary, and Hillary needs someone who knows how to keep her calm. Otherwise, Hillary sometimes engages in fits where she pulls out her hair, or throws a champagne glass or flower vase across the room. Hillary does much drinking, cursing, and throwing in these pages.

Besides the factual breaches of the law that Comey decided not to indict on, Klein cites other sources. A Foreign Service officer testified to the FBI that Hillary would mix Clinton Foundation business and State Department business on official trips, she maintained binders with labels for both organizations on airplanes. The hacker Guccifer alleges that when he was hacking Hillary's server, he saw IPs of others outside the US as well, and the Clinton organization shut down the server for a time because they knew it had been hacked-- contrary to what they'd stated. Klein opines that Clinton will likely be blackmailed or exploited as President because of what the hackers got.

Perhaps Klein's only good point comes in regards to Hillary's medical history. When the Clinton campaign team produced a doctor's claim that Hillary swims, does yoga, and other exercise and does not drink much alcohol, Klein asks where the evidence is. Why do we not have any reports of Hillary's exercise regime or even hear from someone who has been to yoga or the pool with her? Instead, we see stories in the New York Times and other publications (where Hillary has been endorsed) that Hillary asks a general for a beer, but never that she got her workout in. Klein cites a "friend of Hillary's" that she has frequent feinting spells, probably due to her proclivity to blood clots. None of that really bothers me. You get a dietician at the White House and the Secret Service basically forces some exercise (although Klein writes that the SS hates Hillary). We've had Presidents with polio, drug problems, and a debilitating stroke and survived as a nation. She's 70, and a cross-country 24/7 campaign is a lot different than governing.

Bill Clinton, meanwhile, gets foot massages from interns working at his Presidential library. The penthouse suite in the library serves as his "love nest" that Hillary does not sleep in when she comes to town. Bill sometimes calls the shots via telephone, although his aides worry that he is becoming somewhat senile and weak in his old age, and more of a liability. Obama was willing to campaign for Hillary simply because he hates Trump more than Bill, writes Klein.

What about Trump, who Klein urges the reader to vote for? Klein hangs out on Trump's jet and paints a picture of a man no more likable than any Democrat in the book. Trump is arguing with a television and constantly having conversations with everyone who comes on TV. He is going through newspapers and doling out criticisms and kudos. If Hillary is paranoid, so is Trump. Klein gives a brief recap of 2016 and all of Trump's offenses. Trump does not come across as any better than Klein's Hillary.

Yet, Klein devotes the end of the book to a very long rant about why the reader should only vote for Trump. He writes that a vote for Hillary is a vote for more tattooed people, lower church attendance, a drug epidemic, and a "rising body count" from Islamic terrorism on our streets, among other problems. Only Trump can "make America great again." I find it odd, then, that I see a lot of proudly tattooed people at Trump rallies on TV and I imagine there are a lot of oxycontin and heroin addicts around America voting for Trump as well as Hillary. Klein's own reasoning is inadequate to grasp that America's character and morality are not determined by who lives in the White House.

I give this book about 1.5 stars. It is entertaining (except the rant at the end), but I would be surprised if more than 20 percent is true. We'll never know. As it is, I recommend Hillary's books instead as they're far more interesting.

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